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I live in New Zealand with my partner and 2 dogs and a crazy cat image I am a Reiki Master and a Massage Therapist, I do a mixture of Healing using Reiki, Shamanism & Energy Healing. I'm not sure how to explain my path, its a mixture of Pagan, Shamanic, Toltec and what ever else feels right for me. I believe We Are All One image and that we must Heal ourselves before we try Healing others or our Mother Earth. Love & Peace image Winged Spirit

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    Mornings Son

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    People united at the Tree of Life! Love that.
    May our awarness of this blossom and start a new era of humanlife.

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  1. Time to stay on one path

    02/09/10 03:26:45 | 0 Comments

    Ive been enjoying living and studying as many different paths as I can over the last few years, some has stayed with me and Ive incorporated them into my lifestyle, others either just didn't sit right with me or after awhile I found it too dificult to stick with certain beliefs and still remain in the mainstream of society.  Lately however Ive noticed not so many visions and the feeling my guides weren't with me so much, then I meditated on it and realized I was spreading my energies too...